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Table d'hôte - lunch and dinner
There is often a difference between table d'hôte menus offered at lunch and dinner

There are several factors to be considered.

Lunch is normally eaten during a break in the working day. Diners often have a restricted amount of time to eat. Most of the food has to be ready at a specific time.

Dinner is eaten from early evening and does not have to fit in with the working day. This can allow for a longer and more relaxed experience.

Lunch time menus often offer a limited choice of dishes which are simple in style.
Example dishes: steak and kidney pie, boiled potatoes, plain vegetables.

Dinner menus normally offer a wider range of more elaborate dishes. It may be used as an opportunity for the chef to display their skills.
Example dishes:beef Wellington, fondant potatoes, glazed vegetables.

Lunch menus often have fewer courses with a choice of simple dishes. This results in a menu which is reasonably priced.

Dinner menus may offer more complex dishes using more expensive ingredients. This results in a more expensive menu.
Example menus
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Table d'hote lunch menu
Lunch menu table d'hote. Choice of first course. Garlic mushrooms. Patay and toast. Carrot and coriander soup. Choice of main course. Fish and chips. Sausages with mashed potato and onion gravy. Steak and kidney pie. Spinach and ricotta canneloni. Choice of sweet. Apple pie. Fruit salad. Ice cream. Full table d'hôte ten pounds ninety five. Main course with either a starter or a sweet eight pounds ninety five.
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Table d'hote dinner menu
Dinner table d'hote. First courses. Gateau of smoked fish, green salad and garlic dressing. Thai fishcake with lobster mayonnaise. Caramelised belly pork, cashew nuts and oriental noodles. Wild mushroom parcel with parmesan and truffle oil. Main courses. Roasted monkfish with saffron risotto. Six hour braised lamb shank with mint pesto. Grilled fillet of beef with black pudding. Tart of roasted tomatoes, motzarella and olive tapenade. Served with a selection of freshly cooked vegetables. Dessert. Special chocolate brownie. Lemon creme brulay with brandy snaps. Selection of farmhouse cheeses with fruit and celery. Coffee and mints. Set price twenty two pounds fifty per person.
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Table d'hote Sunday lunch menu
Sunday Lunch served twelve to two thirty p m. Fan of honeydew melon and strawberries. Crab and prawn salad. Warm salad of lambs liver and bacon. Soup of the day. Baked salmon on dressed leaves with lemon aioli. Duck with red wine sauce. Roast breast of chicken. Roast sirloin of beef and Yorkshire pudding. Aubergine gallette with roast cherry tomatoes. Served with a selection of fresh vegetables and potatoes. Selection of home made desserts from trolley. Main course six pounds ninety five. Two courses eight pounds fifty. Three courses nine pounds fifty.
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