HACCP chart
This list is not exhaustive but contains some of the main hazards that are likely to occur at the purchasing stage. You may be able to list other hazards that are not shown.
A HACCP chart summarises the main hazards that can occur at each critical control point. It also outlines the control measures, critical limits, monitoring procedure and corrective action to be taken.
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Hazards - selected
Contamination; biological, chemical or physical. Food products below quality standards. Transported at incorrect temperatures.
Control - selected
Purchase from approved, reputable suppliers. Select products with recognised quality marks. Use purchase specifications to specify quality. Purchase food well inside the use-by date. Specify transport and delivery temperatures.
Monitor - selected
Make regular inspections of supplier's premises . Check quality marks. Check deliveries match purchase specification. Check use-by dates. Inspect delivery vehicle and temperatures.
Action - selected
Revisit/inspect supplier
Reject the delivery
Change supplier.
Limits - selected
Supplier meets standards and uses HACCP. Food meets purchase specification. Frozen food at below -18°C, chilled food at below 8°C, best practice 1-5°C.
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HACCP Purchasing
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